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Lemurs 101Lemurs 101

So what is a lemur, anyway? Learn the basics on these little primates, which are found nowhere else on Earth besides the island of Madagascar.

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Lemurs of MadagascarThe Lemurs of Madagascar!

Five types of lemurs live at the Bronx Zoo. Get the facts on the habitat, family size, conservation status and more for ring-tails, red-ruffs, sifakas, collared lemurs, and mouse lemurs.

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Lemurs 101Lemur Behavior

Nose greetings, “yoga” sun poses, grinning, grooming, and wrestling are all in a day for a lemur. Learn some lemur language and a few lemur moves. Download the visual guide to help decipher what the lemurs are up to at the zoo!

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Lemurs of MadagascarA Day in the Life

Treats, toys, and training are some of the ways zookeepers keep our lemurs happy. Find out how they care for the animals and use enrichment to keep life inside Madagascar! lively and interesting.

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